Business Car Loans

Driving away in your next car is a breeze with our business car finance. Flexible, transparent and could minimise your tax. What more could you want?

We understand business car finance

Our business car loans, known as chattel mortgages, are designed to tick all the boxes for small businesses, partnerships and sole traders. We finance many different makes and models through an extensive network of dealerships which offer Power Alliance Finance, so all you have to worry about is choosing the right car!


Using our sophisticated algorithm, along with your credit score and other relevant factors determined by us, we create your customised interest rate. We then lock it in for the duration of your loan so your repayments will never be a surprise.


You have the option of a balloon payment to help with your cash flow, as well as a choice of loan terms from 1 – 7 years. We have repayment schedules ranging from weekly to monthly and even allow you to make additional repayments subject to an early termination fee.

Great for Tax

With our business car loans you could minimise your tax by claiming tax deductions on interest and the depreciation of your car.

All yours

Your business owns the vehicle, so it remains an asset even while you’re paying it off.

Features + Benefits

Business Car Loans

Need a new or used car for your business? Our flexible business car loans, sometimes known as a chattel mortgage, are perfect for your small business, partnership or for you sole traders. Here’s why:

  • Keep your car as an asset of your business while you’re paying it off
  • Lock in a fixed interest rate so you always know the amount of your monthly loan repayments
  • Choose any loan term from 1 to 7 years
  • You could claim tax deductions on interest and depreciation of your car
  • You could protect your cash flow with balloon payments, where you pay smaller amounts at the beginning and a lump sum at the end

How to apply

Our mission is to get you behind the wheel of a new business car as quickly and easily as possible! And we have some pretty great customer service to make it as convenient for you as we can.

Step 1

Documents I need

We’ve made the process of organising car finance easier with this checklist of documents you’ll need when you get in touch.

Step 2


Head into your preferred dealer from the extensive network which offer Power Alliance Finance and they’ll give you the full run down on your business car loan. They’ll also tell you what information we need from you.

Step 3


Once you’ve provided your dealer with your car loan application, information and paperwork, we’ll take it from there. Easy!

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